Oil Rig Jobs: How to Find an Offshore Oil Rig Job
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Oil Rig Jobs: How to Find an Offshore Oil Rig Job

How to get an overseas oilfield job

The price of oil is much lower that it was a few months ago but there are still opportunities for working overseas in the oil and gas industry. Rig workers are paid more overseas and in some cases make twice as much as domestic oil and gas workers. Usually oil and gas companies are looking for more experienced workers but occasionally will hire less experienced workers for locations that are not as desirable. There is a small element of danger while working in certain countries, such as Columbia, Nigeria and other areas where revolutionary forces are at odds with the ruling government about the distribution of oil and gas revenue, however the dangers are often mitigated by oil company policies such as security guards and other procedures.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Overseas In the Oilfield

In addition to the small danger of rebel attack or kidnapping that exists in some areas of the world, there are infectious diseases such as malaria that must be understood and prepared for. All major oil companies will require workers to be immunized against all of the major infectious diseases including hepatitis. Anti malaria medication may be required for some companies for work in tropical regions such as South America and Africa.  One of the biggest disadvantages of working overseas are the long commutes. You may have to make several airline connections and spend a couple of days in transit to reach an oil rig in a far flung part of the world. This may include several hours in a crew boat or helicopter or small plane once you arrive in country. Overseas oil rigs usually rotate workers on a thirty day schedule. You may be home for thirty days and at work for thirty. This schedule applies to rig workers, who work for the drilling company. Other employees of service companies, such as mud engineers and mudloggers may stay on the job until it is finished, even if it is several months in duration.

How to Find An Overseas Oil Rig Job

If you have prior oilfield experience search sites like Rigzone and Texas Oilfield Jobs for links and job postings about offshore jobs. If you do not have any prior oilfield experience you should take a personal inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and what oilfield jobs your skills may be transferable to. For a list of the kinds of different oilfield jobs see Kinds Of Oilfield Jobs and try to find one that you are qualified for. If you possess trade skills, such as welding and electrical, you may find a job on an offshore rig in that area. The lowest paid oilfield workers, who do odd jobs, are known as roustabouts. Most often roustabouts are hired from workers in the country where the drilling is being done, but in some cases they are brought in from overseas. Once you have identified the kind of oilfield job that you may qualify for, get a good resume together. Indicate in your cover letter any experience you have working abroad, if any, and your willingness to travel. If you have good insurance, get all of the inoculations that you can that may be needed and indicate this in your resume as well. Brush up on basic phrases in different foreign languages, such as Spanish, and indicate this in your resume as well. Getting an overseas oilfield job can be a challenge, but if you are determined and willing to go the extra mile you will find that it can be a very financially rewarding career path.

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Comments (12)

Interesting article. I have an uncle who lives in India and works on offshore rigs, and has done so for over 20 years. The one where he is now is in Africa, and I can't help feel sorry for his demanding life - being away from the family for a month in such a busy schedule, and then get 3 week with them before having to do it all over again. I guess it's good money though, which justifies it for the most part!

I worked many years in the Gulf of Mexico, & off the coast's of Venesuela, and Genea off West African Coast. The current flows from Africa to Venesuela to the Gulf of Mexico. I loved fishing off oil rigs, but my favorite was the Mississippi canyon 11 or 1200ft deep.

syed rabbani

thanks for the article, I dont know much about this topic.


Where is a good place where I can go to search worldwide for oil rig jobs?


Where is a good place where I can go to search worldwide for oil rig jobs?

Anioke Emmanuel

i will like a well paid oil company job





Bob Elechi

If any body is interested in a Roughneck with wealth of experience in the oil drilling both offshores and onshore call +2348064072613 or bobelechi@yahoo.com. can work any where in the world.

Francois Van Den Berg

I've been tryin to get on oil rig for 5 years now. Is there someone that can help me please.Thanks Francois. fvdberg75@gmail.com


This is the best website that I have found for over seas oil riggin. My uncle turned me on to this site and it was just what I was looking for